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Wow, this week was a hard one for me to decide what to talk about. I wavered between doing a song important to me, posting a recipe (admittedly my, oops where’s the week gone solution) or just a general parenting post. Well, after starting and stopping 3 different posts I decided that since the post is already late (in my eyes) and today is March 31st I will go ahead and pay tribute to the first man I ever loved and still love more than words can do justice to explain.

Sixty years ago today, my Grandma Olinger had the 7th of 10 children, my dad. I cannot even imagine having 7 children or Oh My Goodness, having 3 more after that! However, I also cannot imagine if she hadn’t had the man who would be my dad. My parents are both from large families by today’s standards so it doesn’t surprise me that they only had one.

Being an only child, it is no surprise that I’m super close to both of my parents. I still consider mom my best friend and dad is still the one I go to for help on some things.

There are too many memories I have with my dad to go through all of them but as I think about the song that reminds me of him and memories of the two of us, a few come to mind.

He drove a semi for the first 37 years of my life. I remember when I was really little, probably 4-5, and at the time he would be gone a week or more at a time, he would call nightly and he would always say good night with an ‘I love you buckaroo’.

One of the best dogs our family had was when when we lived in Colorado and my dad took me to the animal shelter. I still don’t remember why we ended up going but I do remember it was snowing and we picked Mikey because he was the only dog NOT barking.

When I was older and was driving, if I needed directions he could get me almost anywhere. His directions rarely included the number of miles I had to go but always included what mile marker to look for or turn at. There were a few times when I would get lost and if I called him and told him what mile marker I was by he could get me home.

He wasn’t super involved in our wedding planning, definitely not his thing, but I do remember when Cory & I and mom & dad all sat around the dining room table one weekend going through music trying to pick the songs for the ceremony and for the reception.

So the song I have selected that reminds me of him is the song we danced to for the Father-Daughter Dance. The song was Daddy’s Little Girl by Kippi Brannon.

‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

Daddy, take me with you
I promise I’ll be good
Daddy, it’s next time
And Mama said I could

Sitting in the front seat
Riding downtown
For an ice cream cone
I’d wrap him around
My little fingers
Tighter than my baby curls

You can make a tear go
A long, long way when you’re
Daddy’s little girl
Walking down the isle
My eyes on Mr. Right

My bouquet was shaking
But Daddy held on tight
Taking those last steps
Daddy and me, from the child
To the woman I’d be

With a diamond on my finger
And my mama’s string of pearls
He gave me away, ’cause I couldn’t stay
Daddy’s little girl

Well, he taught me my bible
From seven to thirteen
Taught me to drive
When I was a wild thing

I reached and he prayed
When I made some mistakes
That I wouldn’t have made
If I’d’ve done it his way

Now he hugs me when he sees me
We talk about the past
He tries to give me money
And I try to give it back

He’s a book of advice
More than I need
The look in his eyes
As he’s saying to me

Let me help you while I can
While I’m still in this world
What will you do when your Daddy’s gone
And you’re Daddy’s little girl

What’ll I do when my daddy’s gone

He’s one of the strongest men I know, hard working and loving to the end.

Happy Birthday Dad.

It’s all under control, just not by me. God was in control when he gave me my dad!